Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Abandonment: An Abandoned Home - Mojave, California

In and around Mojave, California, out in the harsh desert landscape, are many abandoned houses. I believe that the rise and fall of the many mines in the area account for most of these places. The town of Mojave has seen better days.

Some of the Mojave homes that I've photographed are the tragic home, a Mojave house, the old home, and the forgotten home. Each of these are interesting in their own way. They all have a story to tell. There are photographic opportunities at each home.

Below is an old home that hasn't been occupied in years. Crows live there now. All four outside walls are standing and the roof is intact. This house is in better shape than most that I've visited.  I used a Sigma DP2 Merrill to capture these images.
A Forgotten House - Mojave, California
Colorful Old Roof - Mojave, California
Monochrome Circles - Mojave, California
Old Fire Extinguisher - Mojave, California
Tire And Hose - Mojave, California

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