Friday, October 4, 2013

Abandonment: Amalie Mine - Loraine, California

On a remote back road at the southern end of the Sierra Nevada's in central California sits the forgotten town of Loraine. This old community sprung up after the discovery of silver in 1890. Amalie Mine opened in 1894 and remained open until 1932, producing both gold and silver.

This community once had a post office and regularly scheduled stage coach service. It was an "old west" mining community that, once the mine closed, disappeared. A few people still live in the area.

The old mine is in surprisingly good shape, all things considered. Graffiti is on just about every wall. Most of the buildings are still standing, including the large mill. There was a blacksmith shop, a boarding house, a general store, a barn and a post office on the property, and it is difficult to know which structures are which.

The site is covered with "no trespassing" signs and apparently is owned by the federal government as a place of historic interest. As with any abandoned location, it isn't necessarily a safe place to visit, so use caution if you should ever decide to go.

Below are some photographs that I captured of the Amalie mine this past weekend. I used a Sigma DP2 Merrill to capture these.
Amailie Mine - Loraine, California
Window Through Time - Loraine, California
Red Wood - Loraine, California
Abandoned Doorway - Loraine, California
Dilapidated Structure - Loraine, California
Window To Decay - Loraine, California
Rusted Bolt - Loraine, California
Blue Sky Light - Loraine, California

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