Monday, October 7, 2013

Abandonment: Tragic Home - Mojave, California

I love photographing abandoned locations. These forgotten places are often interesting, and I wonder about the stories behind them. Some places, like the old George Air Force Base housing and the Amalie Mine, have a recorded history that isn't too hard to find. Some other places have a history that is lost to time and obscurity.

There is an abandoned flat-roofed home near Mojave, California out in the desert at the end of an unmarked dirt road. The home is a small rectangle and may have been a part of a little ranch. Not much is known about this place--when it was built or when it was abandoned--yet what remains tells a story. A tragic story.

What I can tell is that a family of five lived there. There were three young children: a girl, a boy, and a baby. For whatever reason the place was abandoned and everything was left behind. Clothes, furniture, toys, knickknacks... everything.

There is a story to be told. Something happened, and in all likelihood it was tragic. That's why I call this the tragic home. Did they all die in a car wreck? Did the parents go to jail and the children into the foster system? I can only speculate because I have no idea what happened. But unless they won the lottery, the story did not have a happy ending.

Vandals, the weather and time have not been kind to the place. Slowly what was left is disappearing. Even those who may know the story have fading memories.

Below are the photographs I captured of this place. I used a Sigma DP2 Merrill.
The Tragic Home - Mojave, California
The Comfy Chair - Mojave, California
The Tragic Interior - Mojave, California
Girl Roller Skate - Mojave, California
Forgotten Doll - Mojave, California
Daisy Duck - Mojave, California
The Velveteen Rabbit - Mojave, California
Woman's Shoe - Mojave, California
Abandoned Tragedy - Mojave, California
Tragic Home, Sign And Fence

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