Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Luminous Landscape - Better Composition

I don't agree with everything said over at The Luminous Landscape, but sometimes there is a gem. Today there is a good post about composition.

The article, written by Peter Cox, starts off with this: "Your camera is the least important element in the success or failure of your photography." I love that quote, because it is exactly what I've been saying on this Blog for years. Vision is what matters, not equipment.

"That flies in the face of the emphasis we all place on equipment," Cox continued. "However, it's very true. Of course, the camera is a vital tool. When it comes to making prints of your images, a good quality camera and lens can add significantly to the quality of your image. But it is YOU, the photographer, who is the most vital part of the process. You determine the composition of the photograph. Without good composition, the image will fail. As Ansel Adams said, 'There's no worse thing than a sharp picture of a fuzzy concept.'"

That introduction is actually the meat of the article. The post says much more than that, but if you could just understand the part quoted above, you've got something of great value. I do, however, recommend reading the entire thing (click here).

I've posted some articles myself dealing with composition. Some are direct, while some are more abstract thoughts. Be sure to check them out.

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