Friday, October 25, 2013

Nikon Pure Photography (New Full-Frame Digital Camera)

There have been a lot of camera announcements recently. The holiday season is quickly approaching, and camera manufacturers are gearing up for a mass buying spree. Perhaps the most interesting, and most mysterious, is Nikon's "pure photography" camera.
Check out their teaser:

What is this mysterious camera? Apparently, it will be a Nikon D4, but in a retro SLR body style, and without an anti-aliasing filter, no video capabilities, and stripped of many auto features. It is supposed to be in some aspects the digital equivalent of a manual film camera.

I think that's pretty cool. If money was no object, I'd certainly buy one. 

Speaking of money, the camera is supposed to sell for around $3,000 for the body only. That seems pretty steep, but the D4 sells for about twice that, so in comparison maybe it isn't so high after all. Something else to consider is that the D610 costs significantly less and might actually be a better camera.

I do like the idea of a digital equivalent to the manual film camera. I bet this new "pure photography" camera will be a blast to use. 

We should find out more in the coming two weeks.

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