Friday, October 25, 2013

Photography Advice: Sweep The Edges

The Tragic Home - Mojave, California
This image is all about the "distractions" but note how they are kept to a minimum around the edges of the frame.
When composing photographs, it is easy to overlook the edges. In fact, it is easy to get so focused on the main subject that everything else is forgotten. Every part of an image is important, not just whatever the main subject is.

The edges are especially important because a distraction on the edge may lead the viewer right out of the photograph. So before you open the shutter, sweep the edges.
Leaning Ladders - Rosamond, California
One step further back or to the right would have revealed several distractions around the edges.
Look around all four sides of the frame. Look for anything that you don't want in the image. Recompose and look again. Make sure everything is just where you want it to be in the composition.

A little care prior to opening the shutter will go a long ways later.
Butterfly - Bakersfield, California
It is hard to avoid distractions around the edges on a busy image like this, but they can be kept to a minimum.
Don't get so caught up in this that you miss the decisive moment. However, spending just a couple extra seconds making sure everything is right before capturing a picture will significantly improve your photography.

Photography is a form of nonverbal communication, and unnecessary distraction make that communication less strong. In order to communicate well with you images you must make them as strong as possible. Sweeping the edges will help to ensure that you are effective in your photographic communication.

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