Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sometimes Good Posts Get Lost Among The Rest (Photography Advice)

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Sometimes the really good posts get lost among all the other posts. I write about cameras and equipment, I write about photography outings, I write about all sorts of things. The best posts, the ones that have the greatest value to the reader, can get overlooked among the rest.

Below are links to several posts that I published over the last month or so that may have been overlooked. These are worth reading. If you've already read them, great! If you haven't, please take the time to go through them. There's some good advice and commentary found there.

You Need Photographic Vision
"Photography is a form of non-verbal communication, so speak clearly and strongly through your images." --Ritchie Roesch 
Photograph What You Love To Photograph
"If you photograph what you are passionate about, you'll give it your all. If you photograph what you love, you'll create your best work." --Ritchie Roesch
Creativity In Photography
"Reality is whatever you make it, so how do you want reality to be in your photographs? Whatever it is you want it to be, you have the ability to make it so." --Ritchie Roesch
Photographing The Mysterious - Photographs Should Reveal Or Be Mysterious
"...the only successful photographs for the artist photographer are ones which captures mystery or reveals things (or both)." --Ritchie Roesch
Color or Black & White? A Tale of Two Photographs
"If you are waiting until the files are loaded onto your computer to determine if they should be color or black-and-white, you are waiting too long." --Ritchie Roesch

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