Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Abandonment: Boron Air Force Station/Boron Federal Prison - Boron, California (Part 2)

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Escape - Boron, California
The day that I chose to visit the old Boron Air Force Station it was windy. And by windy, I mean real windy. I live in an area known for wind, and that wind would be like a light breeze compared to this wind. Sometimes it was difficult to walk forward or to keep my balance. I wondered if some of the buildings were going to stay upright.

The place was completely deserted. No one was around. It was indeed lonely. The wind pushed doors open and closed and gave the place an eerie feeling.
A Little Caution - Boron, California
I drove into the middle of the prison area and parked. The prison buildings are marked with a graffiti "P" and are easy to identify. These structures look like they were originally airmen dorms for the base that were later converted for prison use. I got out of the car and began to explore, Sigma DP2 Merrill camera in hand.

First I explored two of the old prison buildings. While the buildings are empty, there are some remnants left of the life that once existed within the walls. After that I found an old gym, shipping building, what I think may have been a fire station, a storage building, and some various other structures.
520 Water Home - Boron, California
I also found what was once a basketball court, a tennis court and several hand ball courts. My father was in the Navy and I grew up on military bases, and then later I served in the military myself, so it was not hard to imagine what life was like at this place. That imagination was in stark contrast to the reality that was in front of me.

After that I made my way to the old base housing. There are 26 houses, all on one curved street. 25 of the houses look alike, and one is much larger and nicer. A community center sits in the middle. There was once a park, although not much of it remains.
Abandoned Military Home - Boron, California
The larger house was obviously the base commander's home. It had a fireplace and a water feature. It was almost twice the size as the other units. It may have also served as the warden's home.

It was fascinating to go through the old military housing. Not many remnants show the life that existed within the walls, but you could still get an idea of what life was like. The views of the dusty desert out of the broken windows are the same views that the residents saw daily.
Broken John - Boron, California
Broken Mattresses - Boron, California
Prison Exit - Boron, California
Mattress Pile - Boron, California
Padlock - Boron, California
Community Center Steps - Boron, California

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