Friday, November 22, 2013

Abandonment: Boron Air Force Station/Boron Federal Prison - Boron, California (Part 3)

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Residential Power Outage - Boron, California
After exploring the old base housing, I made my way back to the prison area. Besides the airmen dorms that were converted to prison rooms, there are a number of other structures that were used by the prisoners. One may have been a dining hall. Another may have been a warehouse. Another was for visitors.

The Boron Federal Prison was a minimum security place, and it doesn't appear as if life was too hard. About 500 male inmates were kept there, and they assembled parts for government vehicles. Click here to view an L.A. Times article about the prison published in 1986.
Housing View - Boron, California
Small reminders give a glimpse to the way life was. If you were sentenced to a term behind bars, you were very fortunate if you were assigned to Boron. There were a bunch of televisions, plenty of recreation, and even limited access off the facility.

For those that served in the military at Boron, it probably felt like being on Mars. This is a remote location, and was even more remote 40 years ago when the not-too-far-away cities of Victorville and Lancaster were much, much smaller. California City, which is nearby and has some amenities, was practically non-existent. This base must have seemed as remote as remote can get. 
Residential Arch - Boron, California
Those that did live on Boron Air Force Station were rewarded with tremendous views. The base is located on a hill, and one can see for many miles across the Mojave Desert. And if one doesn't mind car travel, there's recreation within a couple hours in any direction.

I used a Sigma DP2 Merrill camera to capture these images last week when I visited the Boron Air Force Station/Boron Federal Prison.
Yellow And Blue Gas Line - Boron, California
P-10 - Boron, California
Tree, Fallen - Boron, California
Broken Toilet - Boron, California
The Red Box - Boron, California
Birdi - Boron, California
Fallen Electric Pole - Boron, California

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