Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Abandonment: Boron Air Force Station/Boron Federal Prison - Boron, California (Part 4)

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Boron Air Force Station - Boron, California
I spent almost two hours exploring and photographing the lower part of the old Boron Air Force Station. One of the structures that had been a part of the Boron Federal Prison experienced a pretty bad fire, and a large section of that building was completely destroyed.

After a while I jumped in my car and headed to an upper area of the old base and prison. There are a bunch of buildings that sit at the top of a hill. I'm not sure what the Air Force used the buildings for, but the prison used them as work stations. The prisoners built parts for government vehicles in the old structures.
Closed, Yet Open - Boron, California
One area not quite at the top of the hill was made level and it appears as though it was heliport. A couple of buildings look like they may have been small hangers.

Where the majority of structures are on the hill is also where the Federal Aviation Administration's radar site is located. It is fenced and "no trespassing" signs are posted frequently. I wouldn't be surprised if there are security cameras and that this section is monitored. It is the only part of the old facility that is actively used.
Unused Outlet - Boron, California
Set alone on the hill is an old chapel. A mural that was behind the pulpit is a reminder of what life used to be here. When this was a military base, families would fill the pews for Sunday service. Later, prisoners would find forgiveness and redemption.

All of these images were captured using a Sigma DP2 Merrill camera. They are in no particular order.
D Power - Boron, California
Chapel Mural - Boron, California
Wall Fan - Boron, California
Unicor - Boron, California
Burnt Building - Boron, California
What The Fire Left - Boron, California
Burnt Hallway - Boron, California

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