Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Abandonment: Industrial Building - Mojave, California

Yesterday I posted about the abandoned Mojave Apartments. Well, right next door is an abandoned industrial building. I believe that preformed concrete squares that may have been used for walls is what was manufactured at this place. I don't really know much else. These photographs were captured using a Sigma DP2 Merrill camera.
Abandoned Industrial Building #1 - Mojave, California
Industrial Tire Planter - Mojave, California
Tire Pile - Mojave, California
Broken Yellow Window - Mojave, California
Window Squares - Mojave, California
Broken Wench - Mojave, California
Torn - Mojave, California
Concrete Leaning - Mojave, California
Industrial Lines - Mojave, California
Abandoned Industrial Building #2 - Mojave, California


  1. This building was originally a hangar for Myers Field. Myers Field was an airstrip next to this building. It was built by Harry and Pearl Myers. The airstrip closed sometime in the early 1960s.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Dave! I did learn that about Myer Field after publishing this post. I was surprised to learn that two airfields were so close together, and it's easy to understand why one doesn't exist any longer.