Tuesday, December 31, 2013

KISS For Better Photographs

Color Lamp Abstract - Bakersfield, California
You know the acronym K.I.S.S., right? Keep It Simple, Stupid. A nicer version might be Keep It Super Simple. Either way, I'm finding more and more that simple is simply better.

KISS applies to photography just as much as it does to the rest of life.
Sailboat Race - Oxnard, California
Simple photographs are better than complex ones because it is easier for the viewer to "get it" right away. Viewers will not spend more than a second or two looking at an image unless it grabs them within that first second or two. Complex images may be great, but if the viewer dismisses it before they understand it, then it wasn't successful.
"Photography produces pleasure by simplicity." --Sam Abell, renown National Geographic photographer.
I said, "Refine your composition until you've reached the minimum that you can include to convey your point. Or, put even more simply, less is more."
Wheat Grass - Tehachapi, California
KISS also applies to one's equipment. I used to carry around all sorts of cameras and lenses and such. I find that having just one camera and lens is much more pleasurable, and, because of that, my photography is better. I have a camera with me more often, and I'm not fumbling around with gear when the opportunity is at hand.

So KISS for better photographs. Think simplicity whenever possible. Don't over-complicate your images. Don't over-complicate your camera bag.

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