Tuesday, December 10, 2013

News: Polaroid's Nikon 1 Doppelganger To Be Pulled From Shelves (Polaroid iM1836)

A United States district court placed a preliminary injunction against Sakar, the company that manufactures digital cameras under the Polaroid name. Nikon filed a lawsuit against Sakar because the Polaroid iM1836 compact interchangeable-lens camera looks a lot like the Nikon 1, and the courts for now agree.

Sakar will have to redesign the camera to look less like the Nikon 1 if they want to sell them in the U.S. All of the iM1836 cameras that are currently on the market in America will have to be boxed up and sent back. At least for now. I'm sure Sakar will appeal the court's decision.

I can't help but think that this comes at a real bad time for Sakar. I'm sure they were counting on holiday sales.

While the Polaroid iM1836 and the Nikon 1 do look a lot alike, the funny thing is that the iM1836 might actually be the better camera. It is no secret that the Nikon 1 underwhelmed. And the iM1836 is innovative as a so-called smart camera. Perhaps Nikon felt threatened because a lowly and pretty much forgotten brand did a better job than they did at the same thing. Or maybe they felt embarrassed.

In any event, if you were hoping to get a Polaroid iM1836 and you have yet to buy one, well, it looks like you may be out of luck. At least for now.

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