Monday, December 30, 2013

Photography Advice: Promote Yourself

Earlier in the month I posted a link to an excellent article over at the Luminous Landscape that is worth reading. I didn't give any commentary, just posted the link.

Since it is better to do something late than never, I'll give my personal take on it. And here it is: promote yourself.

I think that a lot of photographers who are trying to break into the business in some way think that if their photographs are good enough, somebody someday will "discover" them and give them the chance they've been hoping for. While this strategy has worked for a few, most people who try this will die in obscurity, having never been discovered.

What you should do instead is put yourself out there. Let people see your work. Advertise who you are and what you create. A lot of your effort may seem in vein, but eventually you'll see it pay off.

What I've done is, well, create the Roesch Photography Blog, for starters. One reason for doing this is self promotion. And it has paid off, to some extent. I've received paying work as a direct result of this Blog. But more important, it has allowed me to brand myself.

I've gone into galleries and showed my portfolio, which directly led to having my photographs in two different art galleries. I've submitted images for publication in a book, and several were selected. I've even self-published a limited edition book. All of this is getting my name and images out there for people to see and (hopefully) appreciate.

I have an announcement coming in the next week or so that also has to do with promoting myself. Stay tuned!

As an artist, I want others to see my creativity and hopefully in some way it benefits them. But they'll never see it if I don't put it out there to be seen. If I never advertised myself, no one would ever see my art.

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