Monday, January 6, 2014

Daily Joshua Project - Update 3

The Calming Touch - Santa Clarita, California
Day 10
My third child, Joshua, was born on December 18th. I've set out to photograph him each and every day, hopefully for at least one year. Some days will have many images, some days will have only one.

When this project is done, I hope to have accomplished a couple things. First, I hope to have thoroughly documented my son's first year of life. He won't remember any of it, and over time I'll forget most of it. These photographs will be priceless. Second, I hope to see an improvement in my child-portrait skills. Portraiture, especially child portraiture, has always been a weak point for me, so this is an area where I can improve. It's a good idea to challenge yourself sometimes.
Daily Rest - Stallion Springs, California
Day 11
I'm posting some of the photographs to this Blog, but I'm posting all of them to a set on Flickr. If you want to see the entire project, you've got to go to my Flickr page (click here). However, it is good to also visit this Blog because I write some commentary about the project that you won't find on Flickr. So, really, you should view the project both here and there. I will be updating the project often, so check back soon.

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A Little Birdie Told Me - Stallion Springs, California
Day 12
Drinking Milk - Stallion Springs, California
Day 13
Sense of Touch - Stallion Springs, California
Day 14
No More Pictures, Please - Stallion Springs, California
Day 15 (New Years Day)

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