Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I'm A News Reporter

Covered Bridge - Stallion Springs, California
This image of mine was published with the article. 
I'm now a member of the media. Sort of. I have a regular column in a small town newspaper, with the first article published today. Officially, I've been given the title Neighborhood Reporter.

The newspaper is the Tehachapi News, a local paper that's been around since 1899. I'm not sure what the circulation is, but the website claims that more than one million copies of the newspaper and "special editions" are printed annually. The Tehechapi News is a part of the Bakersfield Californiain, a fairly large regional newspaper.

It's an honor and a privileged to be given reoccurring space in the paper to write about things and share my images. And get paid a little for it, as well!

Anyway, follow this link to check out the first article. The printed version looks better than the online version, but it is the same content.

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