Friday, January 3, 2014

News: Samsung NX30

Samsung announced a new compact interchangeable-lens camera to go with all their other compact interchangeable-lens cameras: the NX30. So what is different about this camera? Not much.

Samsung has a whole bunch of different compact interchangeable-lens cameras that all share the same 20 megapixel APS-C sized sensor. This sensor is pretty good at low ISO, and below average at high ISO. It is amazing how many different versions of essentially the same camera Samsung can come up with. It's almost impossible to keep track of them all.

What is different about the NX30 is that it has a tiltable electronic viewfinder. The AMOLED touch screen can swivel, although I don't believe that is entirely new. Samsung claims this camera has a faster auto-focus and nine frames-per-second continuous shooting, thanks to a "better imaging processor." Also, it is styled a bit more like a DSLR (which it is not).

Those are the changes. Inside, it isn't really any different than the Samsung NX210.

What I can say about the NX30, having owned some other Samsung cameras, is that it is a pretty good camera in normal light situations. Once the light dims, its performance is ho-hum. If you don't do a lot of low-light photography, then you may want to consider this camera. However, if you do a lot of low-light photography, you may want to look elsewhere.

Samsung has not yet announced a price, but it will probably be too high for what you get. You could get the same camera in a "lesser" Samsung camera model (such as the NX1100 or NX300) for probably half the price. You just won't have all of the bells-and-whistles, all of which are unnecessary.

What I'd like to see Samsung do is come out with a camera with a different sensor that actually does alright at high ISO. How many different models can they make recycling the same old sensor?

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