Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Photographing The Wind

You cannot see the wind, so how is it possible to photograph it? You cannot. However, you can photograph the effects of the wind. You can convey to the viewer the forces of wind through your images.

The windiest place I've ever photographed was the abandoned Boron Air Force Station outside of Boron, California in the Mojave Desert. Just guessing, the winds were about 25 mph sustained and gusting to 40 mph. It made photography tough!

Anyway, in order to capture wind in your photographs you must use a shutter speed that's slow enough that motion is blurred. What that shutter speed should be will vary with each situation. Often, a tripod will be required. Sometime a neutral density filter can be helpful.
Steadfast Movement - Mojave, California
Three Cold Nuts - Tehachapi, California
Mist Triangles - Glendale, Arizona
Circle K - Tehachapi, California
American Flag - Tehachapi, California
Confetti - Lake Isabella, California
Butt Can, Trash Can - Palmdale, California
Staying Focused - Tehachapi, California
While the wind was blowing a little, this was actually a set-up to give the impression that it was really windy.

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