Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Travel: Big Bear = Big Beauty (Big Bear Lake, California)

Big Bear Sunset - Big Bear Lake
Two weekends ago I made a day trip to Big Bear Lake, California, which is a two-and-a-half hour drive from my house. It was a beautiful day, the kind of day where you want to experience it first hand and outdoors. So the decision was made to head to down our mountain across the desert and up the higher hill to the southeast.

We arrived in the early afternoon. There was a little snow still around, but not much. Our newborn was hungry, so we stopped at Meadow Park to give him a bottle and let the other two kids stretch their legs. Later, the kids said that this was their favorite part. After about an hour we found a local eatery for lunch.
Big Bear Lake - Big Bear Lake, California
The restaurant, Boo Bear's Den, was our choice because there was immediate seating. This is in the downtown Village area, which was particularly crowded, and most places had a wait. We were hungry, so we settled on the place without a wait. Service was friendly and quick. The food was decent (not great), but overpriced. However, we were happy to have had immediate seating.

After lunch and a quick walk through The Village, we got back in the car and drove around the south side of the lake. We made a stop at Boulder Bay Park. Louie The Bear welcomed us, as he does all visitors. This was a nice stop.
Last Light On Big Bear Lake - Big Bear Lake, California
Continuing on, we made it to the dam just before sunset. The view was great! Then we were treated to an amazing color show by Mother Nature. There is a parking area and overlook with a great view of the sunset across the highway from the dam. Some people were there when we arrived, but by the time the show got good, everyone else was gone. Too bad they missed it.

After that, we drove back through town, grabbed a coffee at Starbucks (and gave the baby another bottle), and then headed home. Yes, this was a quick trip, but it was fun. And it convinced me of something: Big Bear offers big beauty. This is certainly a great place to photograph.
Boulder Bay - Big Bear Lake, California
I hadn't been to Big Bear Lake since I was 12 years old, and the one thing I remember about that trip was a bad sun burn. So this was really like seeing the place for the first time. I can see why so many flock there, despite the curvy roads that lead to it.

I brought along only one camera: the Sigma DP2 Merrill. One camera is all I needed. It did a fantastic job in a variety of situations.
Patriotic Josh - Big Bear Lake, California
A part of my Daily Joshua Project.
Wood Roof - Big Bear Lake, California
This image looks like it could belong in my Abandonment series, but it wasn't abandoned.
Across Big Bear Lake - Big Bear Lake, California
That white thing center-right is the Big Bear Solar Observatory.
Four Ducks - Big Bear Lake, California
Father Pine - Big Bear Lake, California
Perched High - Big Bear Lake, California
Two Cups of Water - Big Bear Lake, California
Shoe Tying - Big Bear Lake, California
Cheese! - Big Bear Lake, California
Louie The Bear - Big Bear Lake, California
Lake Through The Trees - Big Bear Lake, California
Big Bear Dam - Big Bear Lake, California
Highway Bridge - Big Bear Lake, California

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