Saturday, February 22, 2014

Abandonment: Little Yellow House - Mojave, California

Yellow House In The Desert - Mojave, California
I found a little yellow house abandoned in Mojave, California. By little, I mean one-small-room little. No bathroom, no closet, no kitchen. No plumbing of any kind, in fact. Just one (roughly) 12' x 12' multipurpose room with a door and two windows.

For most people this might be a storage shed, or perhaps even a guest house. But it was clear to me that someone lived in this tiny place. This was someone's home. And it was the only structure on the property.
Knob - Mojave, California
Inside I found a bed, two chairs, and an end table. Nobody had occupied this place for a while, but it didn't look like it had been abandoned all that long, either. Someone may have lived in the house within the last 10 or 15 years.

There is a nearby mine that's not currently active, and my guess is that whoever built and lived in this place worked at that mine. When the mine closed, I'm sure the occupants moved on to some other town.
Broken Chair - Mojave, California
Whoever lived here were neighbor's to another now abandoned home that I've photographed. Perhaps they new each other and were even coworkers. Another two abandoned homes that I've photographed are close by, too.

I used a Nokia Lumia 1020 to capture these images.
Ghosts of the Past - Mojave, California
Yellow, Door - Mojave, California
Roof Line - Mojave, California
Small Wood Home
Sleeping Doorway - Mojave, California
Right across a dirt road from the yellow house is another small abandoned home. This one is probably three times larger than the tiny yellow house and it appears as though it had a couple of rooms (although the interior walls no longer exist).

Like some other abandoned homes in the area, there is no indoor plumbing. There was no kitchen or bathroom. It has one door and a few windows. It might have been used for storage at one point, although there are no other structures on the property, so I'm not sure who would have used it as storage. 
Sunlight Through Brokenness - Mojave, California
Every abandoned home that I've found in the Mojave Desert has a story to tell. There is a bit of mystery  found in the walls. I wonder who lived there and why. I wonder what life may have been like for them. I wonder why the place was left to succumb to the harsh desert. I wonder what the future has in store for these forgotten locations.

I almost feel a duty to photograph these old buildings. People pass by some of them often, others places are so far off the beaten path that onlookers are rare. But most of these people will never see the beauty in the broken. Most people will not see the value in the destruction. Unless someone shows them.
Wood Window - Mojave, California

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