Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Comanche Point Interpretive Trail - Stallion Springs, California

Stay On Trail - Stallion Springs, California
I found a hiking trail near my home this last weekend. There are actually all sorts of trails within a few miles of my house, but this one was a little different. This one was actually quite interesting.

The Comanche Point Interpretive Trail is a one mile loop that's easy-to-moderate. Most of it I'd call easy, but some parts are more of a moderate hike, with short segments that are steep. I took my four-year-old with me, and he did just fine on most of it, but he needed a hand to hold during some segments.
Boy at Comanche Point Vista - Stallion Springs, California
The trailhead is found at a small parking lot right off of Comanche Point Road. There's a public restroom located there and a bench. The bench faces west and is a great place to take in the vista. I imagine that it's also a good place to watch the sunset.

At the trailhead are brochures that serve as a trail guide. There's a hand-drawn map of the trail, some of the trail rules, and also information about what one will find along the path. Wooden posts found along the trail have numbers on them that correspond to information in the brochure.
Dry Flower Abstract - Stallion Springs, California
 The Kawaiisu people lived in this area for a long, long time, and evidence of this is found along the trail. Along a stream in the bottom of the small canyon are grinding stones where natives turned acorns into powder for food.

There are several benches located throughout the trail, which provide bird watchers a nice place to see the show. There are over 30 species of birds that are common to the area, and the seasonal streams are a water source.
Comanche Point Trail #2 - Stallion Springs, California
The journey took me about 25 minutes, but I stopped often to photograph. This is a great place to have a camera because there is a lot of beauty here. I suspect that the beauty changes as the seasons change, so this is a place to visit more than once.

All of these images were captured using a Sigma DP2 Merrill. Having a small, lightweight camera is great on adventures like this.
Tire Wash - Stallion Springs, California
Not sure how that got there, but it looks like it's been there for a while.
Comanche Point Trail #1 - Stallion Springs, California

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