Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Favorite Photographs of 2013 - Part 5 (August)

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In early August I sold many of my cameras and purchased a Sigma DP2 Merrill to replace them. In all, I sold three digital cameras and two film cameras. I couldn't be happier with that choice. Too many cameras are not helpful to photography.

I captured many images during August of 2013. The ones you see here are my favorites. I used the DP2 Merrill for all of them. I didn't even pick up another camera.

Edit: I originally stated that these photographs were from August and September, but failed to include any images captured in September. 
Red Field, Green Field - Stallion Springs, California
Three Windmills - Tehachapi, California
Wind Farm - Tehachapi, California
Forgotten Road Markers - Rosamond, California
Joshua Tree - Rosamond, California
Motorcycle Engine - Tehachapi, California
Three Green Leaves - Tehachapi, California
Farm Sprinkler - Stallion Springs, California
1955 Chevy Pickup - Stallion Springs, California
Abandoned Homestead - Tehachapi, California
Thistle Bee - Stallion Springs, California
Flower Star - Stallion Springs, California
Orient Express - Valencia, California
Acme Coaster - Valencia, California
Super Heroes - Valencia, California
Fence, Storm - Stallion Springs, California
Rusty Country Fence - Tehachapi, California
Summer Patriot - Stallion Springs, California
Building Storm - Stallion Springs, California
Clearing Sky - Tehachapi, California
Old Cash Register - Tehachapi, California
Butterfly - Bakersfield, California
California Truck - Bakersfield, California
Looking Ostrich - Tehachapi, California
Things Are Looking Up - Tehachapi, California
Two Ostrich - Tehachapi, California
Bowl - Tehachapi, California
Wild Bird Antiques - Tehachapi, California
Prickly Pear Cactus - Bodfish, California
Wagon Wheel - Bodfish, California
Chest Lock - Bodfish, California
Antique Lock - Bodfish, California
Stone Wheel - Bodfish, California
Griswold - Bodfish, California
Antique Industrial Design - Bodfish, California
Room 6 - Lake Isabella, California
American Yardscape - Bodfish, California
Wheel - Bodfish, California
Cummings Mountain In Black & White - Stallion Springs, California
Wind And Nature - Tehachapi, California
The Desert Cross - Mojave, California

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