Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tehachapi, California - Part 1: Land of Four Seasons

I live in Tehachapi, a mountain town in central California. This is such a great place, and I wanted to share that with the readers of this Blog through a series of posts.

The town of Tehachapi is found along California Highway 58. Travelers are greeted with signs that proclaim they are in a "land of four seasons."

Many places in the southwest do not have four seasons, as those from other parts of the country are used to. For example, I used to live in Phoenix, Arizona, which does not have much of a winter to speak of, and you won't really find any fall colors.

Tehachapi does indeed have four distinct seasons. Spring finds the area green and filled with blossomed wildflowers. Summer is warm and dry, with the occasional summer thunderstorm bringing refreshing relief. Autumn is a time of change, with golden leaves and cooler temperatures. Winter brings snow, which blankets the ground several times during this season.

I don't have a favorite season. There are things about each that I enjoy. Being able to experience all four seasons each year is great.

Below are photographs that I've captured of Tehachapi showing each season. I used a Pentax K-30, Samsung NX200, Samsung NX210 and a Sigma DP2 Merrill cameras. It doesn't matter which images are from which cameras, because vision is what's important in photography.


Country Elk
Orange Train, Green Hills
Gathering Pollen
Cherry Blossom #2
Purple Flower, Green Hill


Three Green Leaves
Wheat Grass
Red Field, Green Field
Summer Mow
On A Brighter Day


Autumn Tree Leaves
Oak Trees And Snowy Mountain
Color of Autumn
Yellow Autumn Tree
The Beauty of Change


Covered Bridge
Snow Road
Dusk Fog
Winter Day #1
Cold Spot

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