Friday, February 7, 2014

Tehachapi, California - Part 2: A Diverse Landscape

Part 1
Dusting Snow #1
There is a scenic road called Catalina Highway near Tucson, Arizona that goes to the top of Mount Lemmon. One interesting aspect of this road is the diverse landscape, from desert to pine-covered mountain. In only 27 miles, it is biologically and ecologically equivalent to driving from Mexico to Canada.

Tehachapi is similar that road. There's desert, mountain prairie, oak-dotted grass-covered hills, and even pine forests within the area. It may not be quite like going from Mexico to Canada, but it is not far off, either.

Tehachapi is a diverse landscape.

Below are photographs I've captured that demonstrate the varied and interesting landscape of the area. A Pentax K-30, Samsung NX200, Samsung NX210 and Sigma DP2 Merrill were used to capture the images.


Joshua Tree At First Light
Pacific Crest Trail
Trail Gate


Wind And Nature
Trail Through A California Landscape

Mountain - Prairie

Pathway To The Soul
Cummings Mountain Afternnon
Country Road Less Traveled

Fertile Valley 

Farm Sprinkler
Red Bridge

Mountain - Oak

Pass Above The Valley
Oak Tree In Fog #3
Evening Oak

Mountain - Pine

Three Tree Trunks
Misty Pines
Tree Trunk

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