Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Abandonment: Adrian's Home - Mojave, California

Joshua Tree, Abandoned House - Mojave, California
Every once in a while I stumble upon an abandoned site that has a more emotional story (such as the Tragic Home that is not too far away from this one). The house here, which I'll call Adrian's Home, definitely has a tale to tell, and most likely the story is a sad one.

What I know is that Adrian, a little hispanic boy, lived in this small one-room house out in the desert near Mojave, California. There was no indoor plumbing. There wasn't a whole lot of space. Adrian lived in this place as recently as January 20, 2000.
Creosote Window - Mojave, California
Adrian spoke spanish and was learning english in school (probably kindergarten). He had some toys that got left behind. He may have visited Sea World. But at some point Adrian and his family abruptly left, taking very little (if anything) with them. Was it deportation? Was it child services? Whatever the reason that they abandoned their home, it was not likely a happy reason.

I captured these photographs on March 6th using a Nokia Lumia 1020.
Forgotten Hope - Mojave, California
Cabinet Left Behind - Mojave, California
Adrian's School Work - Mojave, California
Abandoned Little People - Mojave, California
Forgotten Fire Department - Mojave, California
Whale Huggers - Mojave, California
Forgotten Desert View - Mojave, California
Shutter - Mojave, California
Abandoned, Alone - Mojave, California

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