Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Abandonment: Neglected House - Mojave, California

Neglected House - Mojave, California
I found this house in an area with a whole bunch of other abandoned homes. There are a number of mines nearby, most of which are closed. I'm sure the abandonment of all these old homes are tied to the mine closures.

This house is a little different from the rest. First, it remains intact and in reasonably good condition. It had indoor plumbing, which is not completely unique, but many of the abandoned homes in the area did not have indoor plumbing. While the house is small, it is larger than many of the other nearby abandoned homes. Finally, there is no access to the interior. The doors are intact and locked, and all the windows except for one are boarded up. This is the first abandoned home in this area to be found this way.
Boarded Up Window - Mojave, California
Either the last occupants left most of their stuff behind or the house was last used for storage. I don't think it has been opened up for at least a decade.

I used a Nokia Lumia 1020 to capture these photographs. It's a great tool for this type of photography because it is small, lightweight, inconspicuous, and (most importantly) with me all of the time.
Box 275 - Mojave, California 
Broken Pulley - Mojave, California
Cactus, House - Mojave, California

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