Monday, March 24, 2014

Chasing The Light

Cummings Valley Sun Rays - Tehachapi, California
It takes light to make a photograph and it takes great light to make a great photograph. In many ways the pursuit of photography is the pursuit of light.

Chasing the light is the photographer's job. It's what the photographer does. It's what the photographer lives for.
Stallion Springs Sunset - Stallion Springs, California
Great light most often occurs around sunrise and sunset when the sun is close the horizon. The colors are vibrant and the light is stunning.

"To learn the magic of light," photographer Ted Grant explained, "get up before sunrise... and watch."
Light Peek - Stallion Springs, California
Great light also occurs when the sky is broken overcast. In fact, great light is frequently tied to clouds.

"For me, the most memorable landscape photos almost always have a sky that is full of interest, and most often, that interest comes from clouds," photographer Darwin Wiggett said. "Give me a weather forecast of mixed sun and cloud, and I am in photographic heaven."
Morning Joshua Tree Silhouette - Mojave, California
The greatest light is found when the sun is low and there are some clouds in the sky. The combination of these two environmental events provides photographers with the greatest opportunities. 

All of the photographs in this post I captured on March 6th and 7th using a Nokia Lumia 1020
Canyon Trail Above Valley - Stallion Springs, California

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