Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lego Life - The Extraordinary Ordinary Life of Lego People

Walking Downtown
I recently began photographing Lego people. I'm not sure if my inspiration came from the Lego Movie (which I have not seen yet) or just constructing things using the colorful plastic bricks with my four-year-old son.

What I wanted to do is capture scenes that looked like real scenes, except that they're Legos. I wanted photojournal or street styled photographs. I wanted there to be an emotional connection to the little plastic people.
What makes a project like this different (and perhaps more challenging) than my other work is that the scenes must literally be constructed block-by-block. I have to make the scene prior to photographing it. At the same time, that also gives me much more control over the scene.

This project is still in its infant stage. I've been working on it for less than one week. So far the only camera I've used is my Nokia Lumia 1020 (yes, a cell phone), although I have a couple other cameras in mind for some other images.
Lunch In The Cafeteria
Street Scene
The Photographer
Rough Bus Stop
Skate Park
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