Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Favorite Photographs of 2013 - Part 7 (October)

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Here are my favorite photographs that I captured in October of 2013. I captured many more than these during that month, but these are the ones that I like best. Many of the photographs below are of abandoned buildings, a subject that was just becoming a favorite of mine. I used a Sigma DP2 Merrill and a Samsung NX200. It doesn't matter which images are from which camera because vision is what's important, not equipment.
Tired Window - Loraine, California
Sad Window - Loraine, California
Rusted Bolt - Loraine, California
Dilapidated Structure - Loraine, California
Window Through Time - Loraine, California
Monochrome Circles - Mojave, California
A Forgotten House - Mojave, California
Old Fire Extinguisher - Mojave, California
Tire And Hose - Mojave, California
Abandoned Mojave Home - Mojave, California
A View of The Desert - Mojave, California
Board On The Wall - Mojave, California
Underside - Mojave, California
Old Wood Pile - Mojave, California
Tragic Home, Sign And Fence - Mojave, California
Forgotten Doll - Mojave, California
The Comfy Chair - Mojave, California
Woman's Shoe - Mojave, California
Girl Roller Skate - Mojave, California
The Tragic Home - Mojave, California
Color of Autumn - Stallion Springs, California
Autumn Behind Fence - Stallion Springs, California
Yellow Autumn Tree - Stallion Springs, California
Trail Through A California Landscape - Tehachapi, California
Hikers - Tehachapi, California
Rocks - Tehachapi, California
Leaning Ladders - Rosamond, California
Decrepit Corner - Rosamond, California
Water Storage - Rosamond, California
Yellow Curtains - Rosamond, California
Trash Can Optional - Rosamond, California
Abandoned Bathroom - Rosamond, California
Looking After - Rosamond, California
Teddy Bear - Rosamond, California
Ladder & Chair - Rosamond, California
Racing Zebra - Rosamond, California
Circles And Lines - Rosamond, California
Red Pumpkin - Tehachapi, California
Autumn Tree Leaves - Tehachapi, California
Cluster of Roses - Tehachapi, California
Dilapidated Rosamond Building - Rosamond, California
Rosamond Abandoned Home - Rosamond, California
Abandoned View - Rosamond, California
Light From Above - Rosamond, California
Forgotten Mess - Rosamond, California
Now Unused - Rosamond, California
Back Lit Tree In Autumn - Stallion Springs, California
Autumn Path - Stallion Springs, California
Broken Gate, Broken Home - Mojave, California
No Water - Mojave, California
Old Plumbing - Mojave, California
The Master - Mojave, California
Broken Hallway - Mojave, California
Homemade Wallpaper - Mojave, California
Stairs To The Unknown - Mojave, California
Old Paint Can - Mojave, California

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