Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tonight: Daylight Savings Time Begins - Don't Forget The Clocks On Your Cameras (Or, Daylight Savings Is Dumb)

Nevada Time - Hoover Dam, Nevada/Arizona
It's that time of the year again where we "spring forward" our clocks here in the U.S. Many clocks nowadays do this automatically, but most clocks found in digital cameras do not. So don't forget to change these.

This whole Daylight Savings stuff is insanity. Think about this: time does not change. The universe does not "spring forward" and "fall back." The sun rises and sets on schedule. However, for some reason, we all pretend that time changes. We all make believe that it is one hour later than it actually is.

Why do we do this silly nonsense? Does anyone know?

The farmers. That's what I hear a lot. The farmers a long time ago wanted it. But this not true. Farmers actually prefer the hour of sunlight to be in the mornings and not the evenings. Farmers are generally against Daylight Savings.

So, if not the farmers, who are we doing this insanity for? Tourism. And environmentalists. These are the two groups that really like Daylight Savings.

Two Saguaros And Moon - Goodyear, Arizona
The tourism industry really likes it because it moves daylight during the busy tourist season from the early mornings into the evenings. Tourists get to enjoy an extra hour of sunlight during the time that they're awake. And happy tourists spend money.

Environmentalists like it because the sun still rises while everyone is asleep, but daylight is an hour longer in the evening when everyone is home. In theory you are using your lightbulbs an hour less each day during Daylight Savings. But, in reality, study after study shows that there is no difference in the overall amount of electricity being consumed. This is because, while you are using the lightbulb less, you are using the air conditioner more.

So we all play this dumb game, and none of us benefit from it (unless you are in the tourism industry). Well, all of us play this dumb game except those who live in Arizona, because they are (apparently) the only ones smart enough to figure out that this is insanity.

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