Friday, April 25, 2014

5 Random Photographs (Nokia Lumia 1020 Images)

Sunset Through The Oak Trees - Stallion Springs, California
I like to post photographs in groups that make some sort of sense. Maybe they are a part of a series. Maybe they are from a trip. Whatever the reason, they belong together.

Sometimes, however, I have some photographs that I'd like to share here, but there is no common link between them to neatly organize them into a post. They're just random photographs. That's the case with these images.
Broken Wind Farm - Tehachapi, California
There actually is one common link between them: each was captured using my Nokia Lumia 1020. Yes, a cellphone. This just proves that vision is more important than equipment.

Those photographs where color wasn't important to the image were converted to black-and-white. Monochrome is often more dramatic than color and gives a fine-art feel. Color photographs only work when color is a central aspect of the scene.
Street Encounter - Stallion Springs, California
Part of my Lego Life series.
Evening Hall - Stallion Springs, California
Also a part of my Lego Life series. I gave this image a "vintage" look in post-processing.
Air - Palmdale, California
A skywriter labeled this scene for me.

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