Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Quick Trip To The Tehachapi Loop

I took a drive out in the Tehachapi, California countryside this afternoon. It included lunch at the historic Keene Cafe in the small community of Keene and a quick stop at the famous Tehachapi Loop to see one train go around.

The Tehachapi Mountains are beautiful this time of year. Spring brings green mixed with colorful flowers. The weather is typically perfect (it certainly was today). I brought along my Sigma DP2 Merrill and Samsung NX200 cameras.
Eat Deli Gas - Keene, California
Monochrome BNSF - Tehachapi, California
A Cross Country Train - Tehachapi, California
The title is a play on words. I purposefully placed the dark "cross" telephone pole in front of the white background so that it would stand out.
Swift Freight - Tehachapi, California
I purposefully captured this car so that the word "swift" would be in the photograph.
Poppy Flower Blossoms - Stallion Springs, California

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