Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Abandonment: Automotive Garage - Mojave, California

24 HR Road Service - Mojave, California
There is on old automotive garage in Mojave, California that has been abandoned. It used to be a 24-hour operation. I'm sure they had a tow-truck or two, and stranded motorists on the desert highways were regular customers.

While it's obvious that it has been closed for several years, the place is locked up and there are "no trespassing" signs posted. I did not try to gain access to the inside.
Unwanted Circle - Mojave, California
An old motorhome sits decaying out back. I don't know if it belonged to the garage, or perhaps it belonged to one of their final customers. Either way, it is long past the point of repair. Like a statue, it stands as a reminder of what once was, including the hopes and dreams that went along with that.

All of these photographs were captured using a Nokia Lumia 1020.
Yellow / Blue - Mojave, California
Open Road - Mojave, California
Open Road No More - Mojave, California

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