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Five Topics That Will Drive Traffic To Your Photography Blog

I've been blogging about photography for three years now. When I started this blog I knew nothing about blogging. I knew about photography. I knew how to write. How difficult could a photography blog be?
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What I have learned over the last three years is that a knowledge of photography and the ability to write coherently are not enough to make a successful photography blog. Writing about pictures will not attract readers.

The internet is ripe with eager viewers searching for relevant content. Millions of them, in fact. You can attract these people to your blog by writing about the things that they are searching for.

Below are five topics that will drive traffic to your photography blog. There are many different ways to get page views; however, this article is specifically concerned with content-driven traffic. I've based this on my own experiences writing a photography blog that is read around the world.

#5 - Quality Content

By "quality content" I mean posts that are the meat-and-potatoes of your photography blog. These are posts that inspire others to become better photographers. These are posts that say the things that others need to read. These are your words of wisdom.

Quality content posts are rarely popular posts. These types of posts do not usually generate a bunch of page views. But, the people who read these posts will typically dig through your blog and are much more likely to become regular readers. The people who find your quality content will be the ones that share it on social media and will be the ones who bookmark your site.

Example: Photographic Vision - What It Is And How To Get It
Example: Creativity In Photography

#4 - Quote Others

There are people who are smarter than you and I. There are people who have said things better than you and I ever could. There are great quotes that are easily found on the internet, just waiting to be shared.

The great thing about posts that quote others is that not only do you get to tap into their wisdom, but your post will be included in web searches of that person. The more well-known the quoted person is, the more page views your post is likely to get.

Example: My Interview With The Legendary Photographer Ansel Adams
Example: Thought of The Day: Albert Einstein On Photography

#3 - Numbered Lists

People love lists. Numbered lists (such as "Top 5..." or "10 Best..." or "7 Things...") are always popular. There is something about the organization and options that these type of posts offer that appeals to readers. Posts that have numbered lists will get page views.

Example: 6 Tips For Better Photographs
Example: 10 Things To Do With Kids In Tehachapi, California

#2 - How-To

Posts that explain how to do something are very popular. If you know how to do something that not everybody else knows how to do, chances are that someone right now is searching for step-by-step how-to instructions for that.

Sometimes these types of posts can be tedious to put together. You have to document what you did to achieve the desired results. You have to explain it in the simplest way practical. But no doubt about it, how-to posts will drive traffic to your photography blog.

Example: How To Make Your Own Neutral Density Filter
Example: How To Take Pictures of Yourself (Self-Portraits)

#1 - Equipment

By far, the posts that get viewed the most on my blog are those that talk about equipment, especially those about cameras. People are searching the web like mad hoping to gain some insight on equipment that will convince them to choose some product over the others.

I don't really like writing about equipment because I know there are so many other things that are more important. But if I did not post about equipment, not many people would read my blog.

Camera reviews are very popular. Even posts that give a quick observation or opinion or comparison on some product will get viewed often. The more you write about cameras the more popular your photography blog will be.

Example: Review: Sigma DP2 Merrill
Example: Thought of The Day: Sony NEX7 or Nikon D3200?

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