Sunday, April 6, 2014

Follow Up Thoughts: Canon Rebel T4i or Nikon D3200?

On June 10, 2012 I published a post called Thought of The Day: Canon Rebel T4i or Nikon D3200? That article, as of this writing, is the 5th most viewed post of all time on the Roesch Photography Blog.

Interestingly, less than one year later, Canon has replaced the T4i with the T5i and Nikon has replaced the D3200 with the D3300. Neither upgrade is significant. The T4i and the T5i are nearly identical, and the D3200 and the D3300 are nearly identical. But because both manufacturers have something new, both the T4i and the D3200 are old news.

I said in that post that the Nikon D3200 was better and cheaper than the T4i. DxOMark, who tests camera sensors, shows a wide gap between the two cameras. I wouldn't personally choose the Canon camera over the Nikon. It's the same with the T5i and the D3300.

But I said something else that was even more important:
"Even so, either camera is perfectly capable of capturing great images in the hands of a skilled photographer. Your camera isn't nearly as important as you think it is."
Photographic vision is far more important than camera choice. Creativity is far more important than camera choice. The decisive moment is far more important than camera choice. Being an artist is far more important than camera choice.

It is important to understand what is and isn't important in photography. Surprisingly, cameras are pretty far down the list of what's important.

The takeaway here is to not worry so much about the minor and insignificant differences between cameras. They are all capable as long as the photographer is capable.

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