Friday, April 11, 2014

Mojave Tropico Movie Set

Mojave Movie Set #1 - Mojave, California
One day while looking for abandoned locations out in the desert near Mojave, California, I stumbled upon a movie set. It seemed interesting, so I stopped to take a closer look.

At first glance it appeared as if it should belong in my abandonment series. But the place was not abandoned. Everything was carefully designed and purposefully placed. It's make believe--a small bit of Hollywood out in the middle of nowhere in the sandy desert.
Mojave Movie Set #2 - Mojave, California
What I learned is that this unusual place is the Mojave Tropico Filming set. I have no idea what movies or commercials may have been filmed there. I also don't know if the buildings were relocated to this site (they certainly look old) or if they were constructed specifically for the purpose of film making.

There was a small fence surrounding the set and several "no trespassing" signs. I was careful not to cross the line. I used a Nokia Lumia 1020 to capture these images.

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