Wednesday, May 28, 2014

6 Black & White Landscape Photographs (Using A Nokia Lumia 1020)

Soledad Mountain - Mojave, California
I've had several photographs sitting on my computer for a while now, waiting to be post-processed. Other projects just got in the way. I finally got around to them this last weekend.

All of these images were captured using my Nokia Lumia 1020. You might realize that the Lumia 1020 is a cell phone. The best camera to capture a scene is whatever camera you have with you. Don't worry so much about the equipment you have. Use whatever it is that you have to the best of your ability.
High Desert Hill - Rosamond, California
Nearly a year ago I published a post called Limitations Improve Art. Using a cell phone instead of a DSLR can actually be beneficial. Don't pass up on photographic opportunities because you doubt the ability of the camera. The ability of the photographer is far more important.

I captured all of these images back in March (except for Soledad Mountain, which is more recent). Right after I captured them I went on a road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway. I gave those photographs priority. After that these photographs got put on a back burner, and they stayed there for almost two months.
Soledad Joshua Trees - Mojave, California
I don't live in California's high desert, but I live very near it. I travel across the desert often, going through the small towns of Mojave and Rosamond. These places are easy to overlook. At initial glance they seem like forgettable towns. But photographic opportunities abound upon closer inspection.

In fact, the majority of my abandonment series photographs were captured in Mojave or Rosamond. Some others were captured in similar desert locations nearby. None of the images in this post are abandonment photographs, although Desert Destructed was captured at an abandoned mine that is now used as an illegal dumping site.
Energy - Tehachapi, California
I converted each of these photographs to black-and-white because color was not important to any of them. If color is important to a photograph, then it should remain in color. If not, it should be converted to black-and-white.

Monochrome has a fine-art feel and is often more dramatic than color. Soledad Mountain and Energy are particularly dramatic thanks to light contrast.
Desert Day - Rosamond, California
The software that I used to post-process these photographs is called Paint.NET. It's a free Photoshop alternative. I like that it can do 95% of what Photoshop is capable of, yet it is user friendly with a learning curve that isn't quite as steep. 

None of these photographs received extensive post-processing. Each were cropped a little. I converted them to black-and-white and gave them a slight warm tone. I added a small amount of sharpening, contrast and grain. And that's it. Post-processing doesn't always have to be a big production.
Desert Destructed - Rosamond, California

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