Friday, May 16, 2014

A Drive In The Tehachapi Mountains

Tehachapi Mountain Road - Tehachapi, California
Late last month a quick storm dusted Tehachapi with snow. A couple days later I took a drive through the Tehachapi Mountains countryside. I brought along my Sigma DP2 Merrill camera.

Even though it had just snowed a couple days before, the weather was nice and most of the snow had already melted. The mountain peaks were still white, but otherwise only small patches of snow remained.
Farmall - Tehachapi, California
I found a well-maintained dirt road that I'd never traversed before. It wound its way up into the mountains. The views were stunning! 

I'm not sure how far that road went because, before I had reached the end, the melting snow had soaked  the dirt into mud and made it inhospitable for two-wheel-drive. I plan to try again soon now that it has dried out.
Tehachapi View - Tehachapi, California
Surprisingly, there are houses way out in the hills. There are places that I didn't even know one could get to, yet homes are scattered there. Perhaps it is an ideal place for those who like seclusion and natural beauty, yet don't want to be too far away from civilization.

I converted most of these photographs to monochrome because color did not matter to them (except for one). Black-and-white is more dramatic and has a fine-art feel, so if color is not essential to an image, it gets converted to monochrome. The one photograph that is color has color contrast, so color is important to that image.
Snow On Tehachapi Mountain - Tehachapi, California
Road To Cummings Mountain - Tehachapi, California
Old Water Storage - Tehachapi, California
Weathered - Tehachapi, California
The Mountain Road - Tehachapi, California

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