Friday, May 16, 2014

And The Caboose Always Came Last (A Photography Lesson. No, Really.)

999798 Caboose - Boron, California
My kids have a Little Golden Book where the caboose always came last. People would watch (and even cheer for) the locomotives. The train cars also got attention. But the caboose? Nobody liked it. And, boy, did that caboose wish to be popular. That is until one day when the caboose saved the day. Then the caboose became everyone's favorite.

The moral of this story is that if you are not popular and want to be, then do something heroic and you'll be popular.

There is a photography lesson in this story, too. Nobody noticed the caboose until something made them notice. There are ordinary things in life that people overlook. They go right past these things every day and never give a second look. But these things have a beauty and tell an interesting story if only someone would point it out. It is the photographer's job to find these things and capture them. It is the artist's job to show the beauty where others don't see it.

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