Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How To Easily Make Vintage Looking Photographs Using A Plastic Sandwich Ziplock Bag

Summer Grass - Stallion Springs, California
I found a simple technique to make vintage looking photographs. This technique appealed to me because it has nothing to do with digital manipulation. It is a more organic approach.

This wasn't my idea, but like any good idea, I made some modifications to suite my needs. I stole like an artist. Feel free to modify the technique to fit your needs.

Like I said, it is a really simple technique. You already have everything you need right in your own home. And the results are interesting. Check out the video that I created:

One thing that I failed to mention in the video is that I did post-process the photographs. I cropped a little, applied a small amount of contrast, increased the color saturation a little (although less than I usually do), and added some digital noise. I could have done all of this in-camera if I'd pre-planned better. I'm all about saving time, and if I had adjusted the camera settings to what they should have been for these images, I wouldn't have had to post-process at all.

The video was recorded using a Nokia Lumia 1020, all on one take, with my kids screaming in the background (that's why the audio was replaced by music). The photographs were captured using a Samsung NX200.
Morning Blossom - Stallion Springs, California
Coastal Boy - Stallion Springs, California

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