Friday, May 23, 2014

My Trip To The Dentist (Caution: Graphic Image)

Darkness And Light - Tehachapi, California
I went to the dentist today. I had a toothache, and so I had a molar pulled. Ouch! That's actually a major understatement. I was in pain before going to the dentist, I was in pain while at the dentist, and I am in pain now. Different types of pain with each stage.

But a trip to the dentist doesn't mean that I have to put the camera away. I had in my pocket a Nokia Lumia 1020. So I captured a couple images while there.

Interestingly, the dentist told me that in 27 years of dentistry, he'd never seen a tooth as long as mine. So, yes, I suppose that means that I am indeed long in the tooth.

The cost of a dental trip like this is the same as purchasing a new camera. Not a high-end camera, but I could have purchased a Nikon D3300 instead of having a tooth pulled. That's too bad. I would have preferred the camera.
Extracted Tooth - Tehachapi, California


  1. Ouch! I can't imagine how painful getting your molar pulled out was for you. Your post kind of projects the pain you were in, but I guess I can only picture your expression before, during and after the appointment. I don't really know how bad it was for you, but don't worry you should be feeling better in no time. Plus, getting the molar pulled just means you won't have to deal with it hurting ever again. :)

    James DeFinnis @ Back Mountain Dental

    1. Thanks for the comment, James. It was painful, but the pain is all gone now and life is back to normal.