Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Reminder: Use What Camera You Have Because Your Camera Doesn't Matter

Chanac Lake - Stallion Springs, California
I wasn't planning on sharing the above photograph here on the Roesch Photography Blog.

Where I live there is not door-to-door trash pickup. Instead, there are community dumpsters. Yesterday evening I took the trash to the dumpster. Across the street from the community dumpster is the scene you see in Chanac Lake above.

The only camera I had with me was my cell phone. I wanted to share the lovely view with my family and friends, so I walked down to the shore and captured an image.

I shared Chanac Lake with my family and friends on Facebook. The image was well "liked" and I received some positive feedback.

The reasons that I had no intentions of sharing the photograph here are because it's a low-resolution file (I do have a high-resolution file, but it remains on my phone and not post-processed) and I had no article to go with it. But then it hit me: does it matter what camera I used? Those people on Facebook that enjoyed the image didn't care.

Chanac Lake is a reminder that equipment doesn't matter. A good photograph is a good photograph no matter what camera was used to capture it. The opposite is true, too. There are some absolute terrible pictures captured with expensive equipment.

Vision is what matters. Creativity is what matters. Cameras are not important.

So use what ever camera you have with you and don't worry about whether it is "good enough" or not. Because the truth is that it is good enough just as long as the photographer is also good enough.

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