Saturday, May 10, 2014

U.S. Post Office Loses $1.9 Billion in 2nd Quarter 2014... And I Can Easily See Why

I saw this yesterday: The U.S.P.S. loses $1.9 billion in the 2nd quarter of (fiscal year) 2014. That's tax dollars, by the way. If you live in America, that's your money. That's my money, too. That's a heck-of-a-lot of money!

They say that the fiscal problems are related to debt and other obligations (such as retirement benefits). The Post Office seems par-for-the-course compared to the rest of the U.S. federal government. Every federal agency spends and spends and spends, and they seem shocked when the money runs out. Then they demand that tax payers pay more. It is a real shame. And no one is held accountable!

If private corporations were run the way that the federal government is run, those CEO's and other executives would be in jail. It is illegal for private corporations to do what the federal government does every day. And the outrage is at Wall Street. Go figure! Where's the outrage at what the Feds do?

That's all besides the point. I was hoping to get a package in the mail today. It was sent through the U.S. Postal Service (not by my choice) from San Diego, California on May 8th. I don't live that many hours north of San Diego, so it should have arrived today. It didn't.

Thankfully the person who sent this package got a tracking number. I looked it up and was shocked to find that my package, mailed from southern California destined for central California, is sitting right now in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. That's well over 1,000 miles away!

All I can say is that I fully understand why the Post Office lost almost $2 billion over a three month period. Shipping stuff nowhere near where it needs to go costs a lot of money. It is also a symptom of much deeper problems.

Honestly, I think we'd be better served if the Post Office no longer existed. There are corporations that are doing quite well doing basically the same thing. All without tax money, no less. Those companies would be doing even better if the business that currently is being handled by the U.S.P.S. was now theirs. They certainly wouldn't be losing a billion dollars every 45 days, that's for sure.

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