Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Abandonment: The Forsaken House - Mojave, California

Forsaken House - Mojave, California
I found an interesting abandoned home out in the desert near Mojave, California. It looks like someone was in the process of remodeling it before it was abandoned (that's why I call it the forsaken house).

There are actually two houses on the property: a larger two bedroom home and a very small one bedroom place. It appeared as if the small house was being lived in while the larger home was being fixed. There was also a storage shed, two chicken coops and a small barn.
Good And Evil - Mojave, California
Plenty was left behind. A little furniture, some old records, a few children's toys, books, calendars, papers, and a bunch of other junk. I even found an animal carcass (goat?). I'm not sure why the place was abandoned, but whatever the reason they either left in a hurry or didn't have room to take everything (or both).

I used a Nokia Lumia 1020 to capture these photographs.
Old Radio - Mojave, California
Not On Track To Total Organization - Mojave, California
Classic Car Calendar - Mojave, California
Forsaken Cinder Block - Mojave, California
Desert Death - Mojave, California
Deserted Chair - Mojave, California
A Look Inside - Mojave, California
Forsaken Chair - Mojave, California

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