Friday, June 27, 2014

Abandonment: Surprise Home - Mojave, California

Hitching Post & House - Mojave, California
Near the Forsaken House in the lonely desert outside of Mojave, California, is an abandoned home that holds a surprise. Inside of a somewhat uninteresting structure sits a vintage Boles-Aero streamline travel trailer, likely from the 1960's. 

Someone built a house around the old trailer. As best as I can tell, the trailer was the kitchen, dining room, bedroom and bathroom, while the rest of the home was the living room/great room. Certainly this was a unique home.
Abandoned Boles-Aero Trailer
This house sits on what was some sort of ranch. They had horses, and perhaps some other animals. There had been some small structures on the property, but at some point they were removed, leaving behind only the foundations.

A little girl lived in this home. She left behind a My Little Pony, a small plastic doll and some metal hearts.
Uninhabited Window - Mojave, California
I don't know when the structure was built or when exactly it was abandoned. Someone lived in this place as recently as 2006. I have no idea why the left.

I used a Sigma DP2 Merrill camera to capture these images. I post-processed them using Alien Skin Exposure 6.
Thoroughbred Times - Mojave, California
Hidden Exposed - Mojave, California
Underside Design - Mojave, California
Brake Design Monochrome - Mojave, California
Window Insulation - Mojave, California
Treasures of a Young Girl - Mojave, California
Forgotten Horseshoe - Mojave, California
Pathfinder Light - Mojave, California
Deserted Desert View - Mojave, California

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