Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Abandonment: Twisted Home - Mojave, California

Twisted Home - Mojave, California
I recently photographed another abandoned home in the desert outside of Mojave, California. This one's a little different. The home had been taken off its foundation and moved to a new location. I don't think this was the intended destination, but for some reason the house got left behind.

I say house, but there are in fact two houses at this location: a large house and a small house. Both were put on trailers and moved. Both of these places have been abandoned for years, and their rigs are falling apart. The houses are bent, especially the large one. They are well beyond the point of repair.
Kitchen Nightmare - Mojave, California
It's difficult to know when these places were built, why they were moved, where they were supposed to go, why they never made it, or how long they've been wasting away in the desert. As is usually the case, there are more questions than answers.

Window Lock - Mojave, California
The Broken Wall - Mojave, California
Tired Old Purse - Mojave, California
Messy Bathroom - Mojave, California
Collapsed Roof - Mojave, California

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