Monday, June 30, 2014

Adventure of Summer Youth - A Look At A Photograph

Adventure of Summer Youth - Stallion Springs, California
I really like the photograph above. I captured it two days ago in my yard. It's a conceptual image that I imagined in my mind prior to creating it. The boy is my four-year-old son.

I'm not necessarily big into concept photography. I'm more of a photojournalist. I like to capture what I find with only minimal manufacturing (if any at all). I manipulate the scene with my camera, as opposed to manufacturing a scene. 

The scene in the photograph is indeed manufactured. I placed the trike in the grass and had my son sit on it. I placed the hat on his head. I told him to look to the left. I gave him the toy "cork gun" to hold (that's what you see over his right shoulder). I invented the scene, but I was trying to make sure that it felt authentic.

The camera of choice is a Sigma DP2 Merrill. It's an amazing and quirky camera that is both stunning and frustrating. It was the right tool for this photograph.

Square format seems to fit this scene well. Because of how the scene is balanced, this was the strongest shape choice in my opinion.

I post-processed the image using Alien Skin Exposure 6. I picked a "cross-processed slide film" (I don't recall which one), made some minor adjustments to the saturation, contrast, etc, added the "light leak" on the right, and put a border around the whole thing. 

The reason that I chose the cross-processed film effect was to give the photograph a vintage look. I wanted it to, in a way, bring back childhood memories. The purpose of the light leak was to provide subtle balance and interest to the right half of the image while also continuing with the vintage theme. The border was to give the impression that the photograph is a finished and tangible image. 

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