Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bored In Mojave, California (Nokia Lumia 1020 Photographs)

Red Rose, Green Leaves - Mojave, California
I had to get an oil change on my car in Mojave, California. I had some time to kill and my Nokia Lumia 1020 in my pocket, so I captured some photographs.

First I captured Red Rose, Green Leaves. The flower was part of a hotel's landscape. I used my shadow to diffuse the light because it was just too harsh. Also, if you know anything about Mojave, you know that the wind is always blowing strong. I had to expose the image in the short second between gusts.
Switchman - Mojave, California
Next I found my way onto an overpass and captured Switchman, Out of Mojave Yard and Western Railroading. It was interesting to watch the railroad at work. Even when it seems boring, upon closer inspection there is actually a lot going on.

I watched an employee throwing switches, changing the alignment of the track. The locomotives were going back and forth, adding more cars to the train each time. Finally the train left with a rumble, heading off to some place way on down the line.
Out of Mojave Yard - Mojave, California
I watched until the train was gone, but that wasn't the end of the action. Switches had to be changed and the yard had to be made ready for the next train.

Of the three railroad photographs, I like Western Railroading the best. I think the perspective is interesting, some of the lines act as leading lines, and there is enough going on to keep the viewer's attention.
Western Railroading - Mojave, California
On the way to back see if the car was ready I passed by the remains of a cinder block wall. The wall isn't really used for anything anymore but it is still there. It would fit right in with my abandonment photographs. I really liked the colors of it so I captured an image.

Sure enough the car was ready and I headed home. In the time that I could have been twiddling my thumbs, I managed to create some photographs. I was able to do this because I had a camera with me. The lesson here is that you should have a camera with you at all times, even if it is "just" a cell phone. 
Blue And Red Wall - Mojave, California


  1. Great pics!! It is better than a professional camera. I was just a whats up but since I have this phone I also became a phtographer.

    1. Thank you. The Lumia 1020 is as good as a "professional camera" in some circumstances, but not nearly as good in other circumstances. It is limited in dynamic range, high ISO, and aperture. But in the right situations it is an excellent camera. Thanks for the comment!