Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hunger For Photography (Burger Spot - Tehachapi, California)

Burger Spot Sign - Tehachapi, California
The burgers at the Burger Spot in Tehachapi, California are ok. They're not the best I've ever had, but they're not bad, either. Interestingly, the best things on the menu are the teriyaki bowls and the carne asada tortas. The banana split is pretty darn tasty, too. It's a good place to get a quick bite to eat.

While waiting for my food to cook, I stepped outside and pulled out of my pocket a Nokia Lumia 1020. I saw the neon sign (which I've photographed before) and was struck by the color and light contrast of the scene. So I captured the image above.

When you are hungry you eat something. You satisfy that grumble deep down inside. When you are hungry for photography, you carry around a camera and look for opportunities to create images. You satisfy that grumble deep down inside.

The artist photographer hungers to photograph. It is a part of who he or she is. It is in the active pursuit that the creative person finds satisfaction.

As the burger spot is to hungry patrons, so the camera is to the hungry photographer.  

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