Saturday, June 21, 2014

My Railroad Photographs

Desert Hoppers - Rosamond, California
Living in the Tehachapi Mountains in central California has given me the opportunity to photograph trains. The Tehachapi Loop is a pretty well known railroad landmark, and it isn't all that far away from where I live.

I captured Desert Hoppers the other day while driving through the Mojave Desert, and it reminded me of the different railroad photographs that I've posted on the Roesch Photography Blog in the past.

My most popular train post is How To Photograph Trains - 10 Tips For Capturing Railroads. There was a glitch with Blogger a while back and a whole bunch of my posts had the some or all of their photographs disconnected. Sadly, this was one of those posts. So more recently I published a post called 10 Tips For Photographing Trains.

Over a year ago I published a comprehensive post of my railroad photographs. I have a post where I photographed some brand-new locomotives. I've photographed a train derailment. More recently I photographed a Big Boy steam locomotive. If you use the "search" feature at the right you'll find even more posts about trains.

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